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About Chocolate Equipment

Chocolate equipment is used in the confectionery industry for the manufacturing of chocolate and chocolate coated products. Types of machines include roasters, winnowers, liquor mills, cocoa butter presses, paste mixers, refiners, conches, chocolate melters, tempering units, enrobers, stringers, one shot depositors, coating pans, molding plants, bar wrappers, flow wrappers, depositors, metering pumps, vibrating tables, twist wrappers, die fold wrappers, bunch wrappers and more. Manufactures include Sollich, Nielsen, Kreuter, Hilliard, Smith, Savage, Tinsley, DTG, Latini, Stokes machines and more.

Why Use Chocolate Equipment?

Chocolate equipment is useful for the semi-automatic and fully automatic production of chocolate from bean to bar as well as molding, enrobed and panned chocolates.

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