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Dear Mr Greenberg,

This is G.Lakshminarayanan from M/s.Naturo Food and Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.
I am really amazed about the services rendered to us for the procurement of BCH Extruder and also the trials arranged at Chicago.
My Management personally wanted to thank you for the same. The Equipment is functioning extremely well and more than our expectation.
Thanks a lot for all your services.

Best regards,
Executive Vice President
Naturo Food and Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore Dist., India

Naturo Food and Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you so much for helping me sell the Savage chocolate melter. I have been amazed at the speed of this process. It has been a pleasure working with a company that is so friendly, precise and helpful. I have enjoyed this process tremendously. I hope I will have a chance to do business with you in the future.


Katherine Crow
Janie’s Bakehouse/Janie’s Cakes

Janie's Bakehouse/Janie's Cakes

Just wanted to let you know, your guys really do great work, the re-built enrober is a model to our maintenance department.

Stan Walulek
Vice President
Michel’s Bakery, Inc.

Michel's Bakery, Inc.

My company has now purchased about 10 pieces of equipment from Union Standard Equipment and I am very satisfied with the quality and the workmanship. My company is located in Maryland and Union is in Bronx, NY, we made several trips to Union, and we witnessed first hand how hard their employees work, and the pride that they take in there work.

he Greenberg family treated us like we were a part of the family, and also they are always a phone call away to answer any questions you may have, and if they don’t know which is rare, they will get an answer for you. I strongly recommend Union Standard Equipment for any equipment needs, they run a class A operation.

Paul E. Warren
Vice President of Manufacturing
Medifast Inc.

Medifast Inc.

We have been doing business with Union for over 12 years and have bought various machines from you over the years. I have found you and your company to give reasonable prices, good service and, above all, honesty and straight talk. I have dealt with other companies as well, but none comes close to you in your commitment to the truth and to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend you to all my acquaintances.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and much success,

Sol Brander
Health Guard Laboratories, Inc.

Health Guard Laboratories, Inc.

I have now purchased three pieces of equipment from Union Standard Equipment in the Bronx and I am very happy with the quality of workmanship, competitive pricing, engineering, practicality and advice supplied by them.

Each piece had its own requirements, and each were perfectly configured for my applications. I found the sales engineer technically very competent as well as cognizant of my busy schedule, never applying pressure but quick in response to my inquiries and requests. I strongly recommend them for other companies that need equipment.


Bruce H. Victor
Technical Director
CDC Products Corporation

CDC Products Corporation


I would like to thank you and everyone at Union Standard for all the help you have provided over the last few years since the start of our company. Every time we come up with a new package you have come up with the equipment to run it. This has been extremely valuable to us as a fast growing packaging company.
In addition to a great selection of machinery, we are very pleased with your turnaround times and with the condition of the machines we have purchased from you.

Thanks again,
Goran Adolfsson
Packaging Systems

Packaging Systems

As an engineering firm offering custom packaging, inspection and assembly systems, our goal is to supply our customers with engineered solutions that are reliable, high quality, and fit within their budget. For certain applications, used equipment will offer the same features and performance as new, and can play a key role in achieving this goal.

The used equipment that we have purchased from Union Standard Equipment has been in excellent condition and priced very competitively. We consider their staff to be very knowledgeable and accommodating. Union Standard Equipment is our number one source for used machinery.

Michael Tanghe, Principle
Strategic Automation

Strategic Automation

Dear David,

Many thanks for your email of today and your kind words. We do think of you often and do appreciate our relationship. Thank you for your after sales service and continued focus to see that the equipment that we bought from you is working as it should. We are using it for filing cocoa sachets thus far, and it would be in the next phase where we start the coffee packs as well.

Thank you John, Joe Sr and all of you for the time, effort, hospitality and friendship that has evolved out of this purchase, which was much appreciated.

Look forward to continue keeping a relationship between ourselves and looking at what and which way we could develop the same for future projects.

Best regards,

Nabi Saleh
Executive Chairman
Gloria Jean’s Coffees
Australia & New Zealand

Gloria Jean's Coffees

Over the past few years I have purchased quite a few pieces of Used and Reconditioned equipment from both dealers and third parties, I just wanted to say thanks for all the service you have provided. Union Standard Equipment has delivered quality equipment and has done so consistently on time at fair prices.

Again thank you for the great service and know that when the need arises I will not hesitate to call.

George McBriar
Riverview Product Services

Riverview Product Services

Just a quick note to Thank You for your many business referrals and excellent pricing for the cartoners we’ve purchased. You and your staff know your inventory very well and have never tried to steer me into a cartoner that is not “right” for the application.

As you know, we specialize in rebuilding/retooling cartoners and have never been misled regarding machine condition and always received a fair price.

Robert E. Stockus, President
Ultra Packaging, Inc.

Ultra Packaging, Inc.

DAGOBA started in 2001 in my home kitchen. I was calling John from day one picking his brain about anything and everything, fore I knew nothing about the cocoa industry and the necessary equipment needed to make chocolate. He always met me with open ears and was willing to educate me on the various equipment needed at each step of our growth. For his patience and knowledge I am grateful. I am now able to consider John Greenberg not only an important element to the success our my company, but as a personal friend that I can continue to call for advice on any aspect of manufacturing. If we need something, we call Union Machinery.

Frederick Schilling, Founder
Dagoba Chocolate

Dagoba Chocolate

Their customer service was outstanding. We had a few hiccups along the way but this 108 year old company stood by their equipment and made sure it was in working order for our chocolate production. Thank you to their team and we will be purchasing from Union Machinery again in the future.

Pacific Manufacturing and Design
San Diego, CA USA

Pacific Manufacturing and Design